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ThelmaSmith PortraitApple shares So many people are curious about the lives and ways of a working artist. I hate to disappoint you but most working artists are a lot like you. They throw flip flops at the cats. They yell at their kids. They blow their horns at idiots in traffic. Like most people they have lives other than their work. Then there are the weeks and months when the work is intense; there is no other life, no cooking, no thinking, no cleaning, no life, just the work. Like all people they come in two varieties:

One variety is the person who is most concerned with the destination. Their life was defined by the journey to the destination. The destination can be an educational goal, a certain job, a specific amount of money a year. Once that destination is reached it dictates the shape of the rest of one's life.

buy Apple shares The other variety is the traveler. That life is defined by the journey. Like most travelers different days and different decades within their lives have different destinations. Most rarely reach the destination they set out to pursue. All tracks have such interesting and seductive side roads. A true traveler is much more curious; the journey down the side road might take him somewhere no one else knows about. He may reach the bluff nearing his destination, look over the side and not particularly care for what he sees. Somehow, there is always a faint path leading through grass to an ever more tempting alternative journey.

I am a working artist, the journey is the life. Signature